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Have you ever wondered if you have a purpose in life?

“Laws of nature”

The common truth; each one has their own mission in accordance with the rules; that has achieved fair and equal representation for all its work there for “rewards and punishments!“ Most of us already know; for life there are laws and judges, an offense shall be fine and imprison. 

 Religion is the cosmic energy with upholding; Deathly Hallows up to spirits procession, occasionally the body has not detected a minor illness, either an accident. Yesterday considered as past. Forget about that time, and living for the moment. Eliminating of hatred, selfishness, jealous, and of disputes status to individuals, families, nations, or people. Let us together to serve a better world in humanity and society. 

We; The People are expecting “A Heaven on Earth.



Keep up the good fight for truth.

Take a closer looks at the symbols on the back of an America bill below.







Use Of Life






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